Saturday, 12 November 2011

Microsofts TechNet site

Just a quick post regarding the TechNet site run by Microsoft. Although most of Microsofts time is spent trying to wring more money from its consumers, every now and again Microsoft releases some insanely good products and ideas, examples include 'windows xp and 7'*. TechNet is one of those amazingly good things Microsoft does (it now incorporates the tools from sysinternals - which too are amazing). I have read and made use of the many articles posted on the TechNet site.

The latest one that I've read, "Use a USB Key to Install Windows 7", shows the steps necessary to put a windows OS installation .iso file onto a USB flash drive for installation via USB. Which is pretty handy for installing on a netbook or a machine with no physical CD/DVD drive. Viva Microsoft!

*(There is the whole other side to products that are either ripped off or just plain bad, and things like the kinect and vista fall into those categories respectively, then theres the whole IE6/7/8 fiasco and the closed source culture they embrace - but thats a huge flame war awaiting to happen, so I will refrain from discussing it any further)

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  1. Ah bugger, as soon as I put in a word of praise for windows 7, they had to go and ruin it. So I created a 50GB partition for my windows install and voila Microsoft somehow creates a page file that takes up 12GB and a hiberfil.sys file that is 15GB in size. Smart. I disabled hibernation (sleep mode is better) and reduced the pagefile size to a manual setting of 4GB max.